About the change of the tournament rules

We have made some additions to individual rules as follows.

Prohibition of the usage of Creation characters or Inferno.

“RANDOM” has been decided as the stage. However, when “The Grid”, “Kazuki Beach”, “Skies of Honor” or Flamenco Tavern” is chosen, a selection will be made again.

Change of V Trigger is free.

(Prohibited matters)
Subject of characters: Blanka
To cancel the first frame of 〔Dynamic Rolling〕by 〔Surprise Forward〕or〔Surprise Back〕and to let only Blanka act during the scene change in the dark. Use of glitch occurs in the process described above is prohibited in this tournament.

• If a player uses the above-mentioned technique, he will be eliminated from the game.
• The above rule does not prohibit the usage of Blanka or using the techniques separately, but prohibits the procedures described above.

For details, please see here.