Additional Information

Tournament Participation(How to check in on the day of EVO JAPAN 2019)

There are two check-in entrances – one for general spectators and the other for side tournament players having already checked in.

How to Check In

1.Enter from the check-in entrance (form a line as required).
2.Participation certificates will be placed on the desk in the passage; title by title.Pick up one for the relevant title in which you will participate.
3.Receive a plastic holder for the certificate to be worn around your neck from the staff (one holder per person).
4.Write your name and pool number in the appropriate place on the desks set out for this purpose on site.
5.Move to the pool at your designated time.

* Please confirm your pool number and the time to move there referring to the email you have received or on Challenge.
* The ticket you have received by email need not be printed out.
* The ticket you have received by email and your ID need not be presented at check in. However, carry them with you as the executive committee may request that you show them while the tournament is in session.

General spectators and side tournament players.

No check in is required.
Please enter from the general spectator entrance.

Arcade sticks

We recommend you bring your own stick, but for those without, we will retain a limited quantity on site ready for lending. Please note that you will not be able to choose the maker or type if making use of this service and please return all equipment as soon as the relevant pool is finished.

Coin lockers

A total of 80 coin lockers will be available on site. (W350 x H370 x D400)


A chargeable cloakroom will be provided on each of the three days by the daily sponsor.
Fee: 500 yen per item.
* Items kept for the whole day and acceptance/retrieval partway through the day not possible.


・Means of transportation: Please use public transportation.
・Parking space: No parking on site. Please use a nearby paid parking lot.
・Admission & viewing: Free of charge on days 1 & 2, but a viewing ticket is necessary for Day 3
・Re-admission: Re-admission is allowed on any day. Please wear a wristband on day 3, since paid admission applies on that day.

・Eating and drinking on site: No restrictions for eating and drinking on site will be imposed.However, please refrain from eating or drinking near the game machines as there may be delicate equipment in the vicinity. Food trucks will be located outdoors.Bringing in your own food and beverages is also allowed.
・The site is barrier-free. However, please take extra care, since the site will be packed.
・Participating in cosplay is possible. Please use the dressing rooms provided separately for men and women.