Prohibited Matters
The following actions are prohibited in “EVO Japan 2020”.
1. Inputting false information intentionally in the entry information.
2. Making duplicated entries to the same tournament and impinging the tournament operation by this.
On the site
Eating, drinking or smoking outside the designated area, any kind of harassment, inappropriate behaviors, gambling related actions and all sorts of actions that are regarded to contravene the law or public order and morals
During a match
1. Actions to give pressure on opponents to lose the game.
2. Actions without permission to suspend a game intentionally by damaging game machines intentionally, turning off the power or pulling out cables.
3. Actions to impinge the progress of a match by shouting or making loud noises.
Participation in the tournament
1. Not showing up at the designated time and place or being late.
2. Intentional actions to disturb the tournament progress and operations.
3. Not following the instructions of operation and progress staff.
4. Disclosing, without executive committee’s permission, information on EVO Japan 2020 operations or confidential information acquired as a tournament staff member.
5. All other actions that violate the tournament rules and regulations.
・In the event that the Executive Committee judges that certain actions violate the rules and regulations described above, a penalty may be charged.
・Penalties that are given to a violator include deprivation of titles, prizes, or prize money, voiding of entry and participation bans
・Penalties are determined by the Executive Committee according to the conditions or level of violation and the scope of the impact on the tournament.
・Although much attention to avoid errors is given to the information on this site, EVO Japan 2020 Executive Committee will not be liable for any damages caused by utilizing, distributing or transferring the information.
・With regard to holding the tournament, schedule (such as suspension or postponement) or contents of the tournament (such as cancellation of prizes) may change without notice due to occurrence of force majeure conditions such as natural disasters, accidents, or legal revisions. In such cases, EVO Japan 2020 Executive Committee will not be liable for any of the changes.
・In the case that a participant gets injured or injure others, EVO Japan 2020 Executive Committee will not be liable whatsoever.
Handling of usage rights to image of a person and personal information
・EVO Japan 2020 Executive Committee utilizes personal information and other information including player name, age, and usage rights to image of a person for the purpose of operation and publicity of the tournament.
・Images or videos of participants may be shot by EVO Japan 2020 Executive Committee and various media, and may appear on the website, publicity or print materials and broadcast during and after the tournament. By registering, participants agree to this.