What is EVO Japan?
EVO Japan 2020 is an open tournament in which anyone can participate.
Registration is free, and there is no limit to the number of participants.
(Updated on Nov. 29th)
Registration is free.
Thank you for a greater-than-expected number of registration.
Most unfortunately, however, we are going to place an entry cap on “SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE” for the safety of participants.
Maximum number of participants in “SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE” is 3072.

(Updated on Dec. 6th)
New entries have been suspended for “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”, as it has reached the maximum limit.
If you would like to cancel the entry for any title you have made, please follow the cancellation procedure by using the entry cancellation application form through the following URL.
Note: If you have already informed us of your cancellation, the above procedure is not necessary.

New entry for those titles that have reached the limit becomes available again only when a cancellation occurs. In such a case, they can be chosen from the list for entry. To confirm, please check the entry screen.

(Updated on Dec. 24th)
We will be opening registration again as follows. (except Smash Bros.)
Period : 24/Dec 20:00 ~ 26/Dec 23:59 (JST)

Even while the above period, there is a possibility to close the registration before the closing time, in order to secure the safety of the participants.
So we recommend you to register as soon as possible. Also, please re-confirm your registration if you already registered just in case.

(Updated on Dec. 28th)
The chart of the main tournaments (primary) has been announced. We take requests about the tournaments from today to December 31st at 23:59. Please contact us through the following by the above deadline if you have any requests. Click here for details.

(Updated on Jan. 10th)
Please be informed that we will change the tournament rule of BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE to the one a player who wins three games first becomes a winner. This change has been made to meet many requests from players. Your understanding for this sudden change would be appreciated.
Please check Individual Rules.

(Updated on Jan. 15th)
In regard to “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”, we have added a few controllers to the allowed controller list in the individual rules for this title. For details, please see the rules from the following.

(Updated on Jan. 15th)
The chart of the main tournaments have been finalized. Please check it here.

(Updated on Jan. 20th)
Add the tournament rule of STREET FIGHTER V ARCADE EDITION.
Please check Individual Rules.
For Entry

EVO Japan 2020 Executive Committee utilizes personal information and other information including player name, age, and usage rights to image of a person for the purpose of operation and publicity of the tournament.
Images or videos of participants may be shot by EVO Japan 2020 Executive Committee and various media, and may appear on the website, publicity or print materials and broadcast during and after the tournament. By registering, participants agree to this. Agree and participate Disagree

・Points to Note
Players for the tournaments must be over 12 years of age on the tournament day, and players under 18 years of age require consent from a parent or guardian. Players for "SAMURAI SHODOWN" or "SOULCALIBUR VI", however, must be over 17 years of age on the tournament day.
We will announce later the details of the reception on the tournament day for players and of each games’ tournament schedule.

・Please bring your own controller as a general rule
A small number of controllers will be made available. However, please note that the number is limited.

EVO Japan 2020 Tournament System
The tournament will be conducted as a double elimination system. In the Grand Final round, the player who had a winning streak in the winners bracket will play a game with the player who had a winning streak in the losers bracket. To win the tournament, one win is sufficient for the winners player while two wins are necessary for the losers winner. At initial placement, some adjustment will be made to avoid the situation that players from the same areas or team fight each other.
・What is Double Elimination?
Each player will start from the winners bracket and move to the losers bracket once losing. If the player loses again there, the player will be eliminated.
Flow of event days
We would like to inform the players who will participate in the tournament of the flow of event days as follows.

【The Event Day】
Please confirm your pool and playing time through Smash.gg.
Registration will be carried out at each pool.
Please go directly to the area of your game at the game starting time and speak to the judge.
※ Please select the title you will be playing, bracket and Round 1 through Smash.gg for your pool number.
※ Please check the layout of tables on the separate venue map.

The judge will make a roll call of players and distribute entry cards. Please put your name on it on the spot.
The distribution of the entry cards is only for the game in which the roll call is made. Those who will play multiple games need to receive the entry card at each roll call.
Please follow the instructions given by the judge for the game start.

Should you not be in the pool at the game starting time, the final call will be made for you. If you are still not there 5 minutes after the call, you will lose the game by default.

Should it become necessary for you to leave the place while the pool is in progress, please inform the judge. We will try our best to take your situation into consideration, but please accept that there is a possibility that we may have to declare your loss by default for a smooth progression of the pool.

The flow of the round 2 is basically the same as above. Please note, though, that the game starting times may move back and forth, so please pay attention.

【Things you should bring】
・Identification card
Operation staff may ask you to show it.
・Written consent for your participation
If you are under 18 years old, please bring written consent from your guardian. Operation staff may ask you to show it.

【Things that may be useful】
・Writing tools
To write on the entry card, etc.
・Portable battery charger
To check on the tournament progress situation on your mobile
・Goods to protect against the cold
Event days are expected to be cold due to the winter season. Heating will be on inside the event hall. Still, some goods to warm your hands may be useful.

Wi-Fi is not available in the venue. Please bring your own device.
Game flow
Click here for the game flow of Click here for the game flow of Please go to the assigned pool by the specified time, and let the judge know of your presence.
1. Choosing a play side
A player who is listed on the above in the tournament chart will take the 1P side, while the one who is listed below will take the 2P side. (This may not be the case when both players agree otherwise.)
2. Choosing a character
Declare the character you will use to the judge before the game. If you do not want your opponent to know the character you will use, please request a blind pick with the judge.
3.Check of the operation system
If you want to check your device's operation system, please ask the judge. A button check or lever check without making a request may be regarded as the game having started.
4. Fight
• Use the same character if you win the game immediately before.
• Changing character will be allowed for the loser of the game immediately before.

Note: Since Tekken 7 has a partially different rule, please refer to the individual rules.
• The game will be over when either of the players wins more games than the prescribed number.
• After the game, both players should report/confirm the result of the game to the judge. If you are scheduled to play the next game, please try to stay in the pool. If you want to leave the pool, please inform the time of your return to the judge.
General Rules
Click here for the game flow of Click here for other rules of ・ If you are late for a meeting time, you will lose the game by default.
・ It is possible to participate from the losers side if you lost a game by default on the winners side..
Note: Please confirm the meeting time through the Event Schedule of Smash.gg..
・ Unless additional rules are stipulated for a title, all games are played using the latest version at the time of the fight in a default setting..
・ Controller settings can be changed freely during a game..
・ Using the macro function of a controller such as continuous shooting is prohibited..
・ If a game is discontinued due to a pause, PS button or controller trouble, the player who caused the interruption will lose the round..
・ In the case that an unforeseen accident occurs, the game will be restarted by reproducing the same conditions as possible..
・ The next set must start within 60 seconds after the previous one finished..
・ When a game becomes a draw, a return match will take place under the same conditions..
・ Regarding the wireless controller for PlayStation 4, only DUALSHOCK4 can be used. If you fail to cancel pairing after the game, you will be subject to disqualification..
・ Regarding the usage of a converter, Brook Inc.'s converters can be used, while the usage of Cronus Max Plus and Titan One is prohibited..
・ Regarding non-genuine controllers, we allow players to use them including those made by players themselves. However, we prohibit connecting multiple switches on a circuit board. (If you are not sure whether your controller can be used or not, we recommend you confirm it with our operation team in advance.).

Note: These rules are made so that the tournament can proceed fairly and smoothly. However, in the event of an unpredictable incident, special handling may be necessary. For that reason, these tournament rules may change without prior notice.
Individual Rules


Version PlayStation version 4 BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE
Game Settings • 180 seconds, winning 2 3 games first system by VS MODE.
Winning 3 games first system for Winner's Final, Loser's Final and Grand Final.
• AUTO is recommended for stages. Changing sides is allowed when both players agree to it.
• No limit for Stage BGM
For Entry


Version PlayStation version 4 SAMURAI SHODOWN
Game Settings • 60 seconds, winning 2 games first system by winning 2 round first by BATTLE.
• Winning 3 games first system for Winner's Final, Loser's Final and Grand Final.
• Stage will be selected at RANDOM. Losers will have the right to draw a new stage on and after the next game.
For Entry


Version PlayStation version 4 SOULCALIBUR VI
Game Settings • VERSUS MODE: 60 seconds, winning 2 games first system by winning 3 round first and battle mode standard
• Stages will be selected at RANDOM. Losers will have the right to draw a new stage on and after the second game.
• No BGM setting
For Entry


All updates, patches, and stages released as of the date of the Tournament and character packs released at least 7days prior to the commencement date of the Tournament.
Game format Double Elimination Bracket. 2/3 games until top 8, which is 3/5 games.
Game Settings • Versus Mode, 99 Seconds, 2/3 Rounds. The stage is set randomly, but "Training Stage(The Grid)", "Skies of Honor", "Flamenco Tavern", and "Kanzuki Beach" are not selected.
• You can change V Trigger freely.
You can change V-Skill freely.
• The R. Mika Professional Costume (Pom-Poms) is banned from Tournament play.
• The controller concept is the same as CAPCOM PRO TOUR OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT RULES. But usage of Legacy Controller is banned.
Battle rules
For Entry


Version Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch
Latest version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be played on the tournament day.
Game Settings • 3 Stock, 7 Minutes,
• Matches are 2 out of 3 games. Winners Final, Losers Final and Grand Final will be played 3 games out of 5.

• Items: Off and None, Stage Hazards: Off, Pausing: Off,
• Score Display: Off, % Show Damage: Yes
• Final Smash Meter: Off, Spirits: Off, Team Attack: On,
• Launch Rate: 1.0x, Stage Morph: Off,Radar: Big,
• Underdog Boost: Off, Custom Balance: Off, First to: 1 Win,

Mii Fighters: All moveset combinations are legal.
• Mii Fighters: face must be picked from default settings. (Costume, color and voice can be from alternatives.)
• The name of Mii Fighter players must be a 4-digit number showing the Special Moves they selected. The order of Special Moves should be Neutral, Side, Up and Down.

amiibo are banned.
For Entry


Rules of the tournament will conform to "TEKKEN World Tour 2019" official rules.

Version PlayStation version 4 TEKKEN 7
Game Settings • 60 seconds, winning 2 games first system by winning 3 rounds first setting of VS MODE
• Winning 3 games first system for Winner's Final, Loser's Final and Grand Final.
• Stages will be decided at RANDOM.
• Stages for the games will be selected at RANDOM on and after the next game in the case that losers change characters.
• Losers can select stages in the case that they do not change characters.
• Character customize OFF
For Entry